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The Surge Of Trump-Fueled Anti-Semitism Is Hitting Jewish Reporters Who Cover Him

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on September 9, 2016

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign stop in Indianapolis. CREDIT: AP PHOTO/DARRON CUMMINGS

Donald Trump has an anti-Semitism problem.

Granted, the Republican nominee for president has long insisted that his is not himself anti-Semitic, and regularly points out that his daughter is a Jewish convert. Yet Trump has done little to quell a rising tide of anti-Semitism among his supporters since launching his campaign last year: Trump initially refused to disavow anti-Semitic Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, a Trump surrogate implied at a rally that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders should convert from Judaismand “meet Jesus,” prominent anti-Semites went on radio shows to encourage their supporters to “get out and vote” for Trump, and a man was filmed leaving a Trump rallyshouting in Cleveland shouting “Go to fucking Auschwitz.”

To make matters worse, anti-Semitic white supremacists recently announcedthat they view Trump’s relative silence on the issue “as an endorsement.”

This surge of anti-Semitism has been unsettling to many, but is hitting one group especially hard: Jewish political reporters who cover Trump, many of whom who say they are regularly subject to anti-Semitic harassment by his supporters online.

When Jewish journalist Julia Ioffe published a lengthy profile of Donald Trump’s wife Melania in April, for instance, her computer was reportedly flooded with an avalanche of angry, anti-Semitic tweets in response. Ioffe began retweeting the attacks to highlight their unsettling intensity, such as photoshopping a Jewish star used by the Nazi regime onto her clothing or digitally inserting her face into an image of a person detained the Auschwitz concentration camp. She also received death threats by phone and email, prompting Ioffe to solicit the help of the Anti-Defamation League and file a police report alleging that the hateful messages included a “threat to kidnap or injure a person.”

When DuJour magazine asked Melania Trump about the incident weeks later, she condemned the tweets but turned the blame back on Ioffe, implying the attacks were her fault because she “provoked” the hateful commenters.

“I don’t control my fans,” she said, “but I don’t agree with what they’re doing. I understand what you mean, but there are people out there who maybe went too far. She provoked them.”

Donald Trump was also asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to comment about the situation but demurred, saying he didn’t know much about it before adding, “You’ll have to talk to them about it.”

Ioffe declined to be interviewed for this story, telling ThinkProgress via email that she thinks her work and the Trumps’ response “speak for themselves.”

A similar fate befell New York Times editor Jonathan Weisman earlier this month, who reportedly received a rash of anti-Semitic tweets simply forposting an opinion piece critical of Trump entitled “This is how fascism comes to America.” Weisman was promptly “outed” as Jewish by Twitter user “CyberTrump,” and others soon began tweeting anti-Jewish slurs and threatening retribution.

The online hate doesn’t appear beholden to any political ideology, targeting seemingly any prominent writer that blasts Trump — both liberal and conservative. In late April, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro recountedthe anti-Semitic backlash he received for criticizing Trump, saying, “I have never received the amount of anti-Semitic hate I currently do each day for the crime of criticizing The Great Trump.” Two weeks later, Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic received an email from someone saying that he will be “sent to a camp” if Trump wins the presidency.

As the number of incidents grew, so too did calls for the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) — which includes Trump backer Sheldon Adelson — to speak out. They finally released a statement on Tuesday condemning any and all attacks on Jewish reporters, but declined to hold Trump supporters uniquely accountable.

“We abhor any abuse of journalists, commentators and writers whether it be from Sanders, Clinton or Trump supporters,” the statement read. “There is no room for any of this in any campaign. Journalists, regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity should be free to do their jobs without suffering abuses, anti-Semitic or otherwise.”

As the Washington Post pointed out, the statement’s attempt to lump Sanders and Clinton supporters in with the wave of anti-Semitism rang hollow to many Jewish reporters, who argue the vitriol is emanating primarily from Trump fans. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which studies and tracks hate groups, acknowledged that anti-Semitism is especially common among Trump’s digital devotees.

ThinkProgress’ own reporting staff has also been impacted by the phenomenon. Kira Lerner and Alice Ollstein — both political reporters and both Jewish — say they have encountered anti-Semitic remarks online while covering Trump.

“I immediately blocked them,” Ollstein said. She pointed out that the attacks were unique to this election season, noting, “I’ve been reporting in Washington, DC for six years, and this is the only time it’s ever happened to me — either in person or online.”

The same is true for Bryce Covert, ThinkProgress’ economics editor. Covert says she received a deluge of anti-Semitic tweets in May after she published an op-ed in the New York Times decrying Trump’s policy agenda as disproportionately benefiting white men. The tweets personally attacked her for being Jewish and referenced her family — even though she never mentioned her Jewish heritage (she’s half-Jewish) in the story.

“The Trump supporters had to really dig deep to figure out that I’m Jewish,” Covert said. “They unearthed this tweet of mine from months ago referencing my Jewish grandma.”

“I haven’t gotten any anti-semitism in my mentions for writing about any other candidate,” she added.

One of the anti-Semitic tweets Covert received in response to her op-ed. CREDIT: Screenshot
One of the anti-Semitic tweets Covert received in response to her op-ed. CREDIT: Screenshot

Indeed, this ThinkProgress reporter — who is Presbyterian — also received anti-Semitic tweets simply for putting out a call for help with this story. One commenter appeared to deny the Holocaust and mock the Hebrew language, and another awarded the author with a “gold star” — meaning the yellow Star of David used by the Nazis to identify Jews.

The connection between Trump and internet-based anti-Semitism has gotten so bad that The Donald’s name and image are now brandished as an excuse to unleash insults whether or not he is being discussed. In mid-May, a Twitter account sporting an image of Trump attacked a Jewish reporter at the Charleston Post and Courier for commenting on shifting opinions regarding the Confederate flag, tweeting, “I guess daddy didn’t love her enough to get her a nosejob for her Bar Mitzvah.” The account’s bio notes that liberals should be sent “straight to the ovens.”

The growing culture of hate shows few signs of slowing down, and reporters are increasingly concerned the vitriol won’t stop so long as Trump refuses to condemn the attacks — and stop attacking reporters himself.

“I’m not surprised that Trump supporters feel comfortable assaulting journalists on Twitter,” Lerner said. “Trump is leading by example.”


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Trump:What did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together?

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on September 8, 2016


Donald Trump apparently still believes that if you put women and men together in the military of course it’s going to lead to a lot of rapes. ‘What did these geniuses expect when they put men & women together?’  Trump was confronted by Matt Lauer Wednesday night in the Commander-in- Chief forum with a three-year-old tweet of his.

Trump defended his 2013 tweet suggesting that high rate of unreported rape allegations could have been predicted when men and women were allowed to serve in the military.”It is a correct tweet. There are many people that think that is absolutely correct,” Trump said to Lauer.

Later Lauer asked trump if he still thought he knew more about ISIS than our Generals and he said”They have been reduced to rubble, our Generals.”

Later he said part of his “Secret Plan ” to defeat ISIS would be to give the Generals 30 days to come up with a plan.

The Generals he knows more than, the ones who have been reduced to rubble.

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​Mental Disorders and Islam

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on August 12, 2016

Most people in the civilized world must have noticed that individuals who convert to Islam, and the ‘Muslims by birth’ who suddenly turn religious, develop new tendencies, such as:

* They turn against culture and life beauties, such as music, paintings, cinema and other arts.

* They adopt a serious life style, with less humor, jokes, laughs and other manifestation of happiness.

* They avoid life pleasures such as dining out in good restaurants (because they serve wine).

* They change their appearance to the worse; men develop what others see as scary looks that would fit criminal ( unusual clothes, bushy beards..etc)

* Women turn against their feminine instincts and do everything possible to conceal their beauty.

* Women voluntarily cover up completely, even in the hottest weather (and claim they feel perfectly fine despite all that smelly sweat). They also claim it was their choice (but we know it was the fear from Allah that forced them to do so)

* Women voluntarily seek to be oppressed, some may even arrange for their husbands to marry more wives.

* They become unsocial, especially with non-Muslims (for example on Christmas).

* Turn to violence.

* They preach hate and incite to murder.

* Become difficult to live with at home and in the society.

* Become difficult to work with.

* Turn against their societies with vengeance.

* Start to glorify crime and immoral practices by giving it religious labels, such as jihad and jihad marriages (aka prostitution).

* Believe in myths and act accordingly; they buy and drink urine and zamzam water for healing in preference to conventional medicine, until it is too late .

* They become less productive in the society as they spend more time practicing their demanding religion.

* They practice their rituals even if that involves subjecting others to inconvenience or risk, like when they block the streets to perform their prayers, or piloting a plane when fasting. They lie, sometimes without realizing, and insist that fasting doesn’t cause them any harm (as if their bodies have unique physiology).

* They denounce the law, all laws, in favor of the Islamic law, which puts them on a collision course against the land law wherever they exist.

* They become liars for the sake of spreading the big lie of Islam; just consider the thousands of youtube videos with plane lies in both title and contents.

* Join other like-minded Muslims to practice murder (labelled jihad).

* Develop sick and evil minds that get satisfaction through subjecting their victims to outrageous and monstrous methods of torture to the death, which they record on video to produce humanly unbearable scenes as a means of torturing the society.

* Once in control of their societies, they force them to adopt their psychopathic behavior, by forcing civilians to participate in their evil practices.

* Practice child abuse. They deprive children from the happiness of childhood by denying them ordinary toys and games. They force children to learn parts of the Quran by heart even though they don’t speak Arabic. They order children to pray and beat them if they don’t. They force young girls to cover up. They approve of child marriage and may force young girls to it.

The above is not meant to be a complete inventory; the list can still go on and on.

The above list is both frightening and alarming because it is real. There are no exaggerations here. Any objective observer can see it all with crystal clear clarity. Any of the above symptoms, on its own, can be an indication of a mental health disorder that calls for psychiatric evaluation and intervention. Western societies would do anything to eradicate any disease that causes only a few of the above symptoms. Similarly, they would ban any foods or drinks if found to give rise to them. Yet the same societies protect Islam and nurture it, allowing the above symptoms to persist and spread. I know it is a horrible thing to say, but this painful fact highlights how low the civilized world have reached. This is a reality that has been denied for so long because with denial nothing needs to be done, and Muslims won’t be offended.

Islam works like a deadly virus that affects the nervous system and controls the brain cells. Like other viruses, it may remain dormant for years, lurking around in the body waiting for the right conditions to launch its attack. The unlucky people develop the full blown disease early, while others may live long lives without ever progressing beyond the carrier stage. All those who believe in Mohammed and Islam are carriers, and potential victims, of the Islamic ‘virus’. It is important for the civilized world to understand how lethal Islam can be. It is easy to deal with the problem once there is a will to do it, and few changes to the law may be all that is required. However, if left for a longer time, even civil wars may not sort it out. You only need to look at the Middle East to see the future of Europe.

The fact that most Muslims do not actually develop the full Islamic disease is not an assurance to the rest of the society, because those people already harbor the ‘virus’ in their minds and things can get nasty any time. There is no shortage of cases where the perpetrators of terrorism were described to have been “perfectly nice people” in the past.

Muslims use terrorism to kill non muslims and will produce more and more children. ”Opposing it effectively means providing a competing vision of life and society that is also appealing, and that will lead to more happiness, freedom and prosperity than Islam can possibly provide. That’s the real “peace process”- Islamic followers kill and intimidate the persons wwho have genuine queries abou islam. The real peace in those countries where Islamic followers are absent or are less. See how muslims are flooding europe, America, India etc in the garb of refugees. If there is peace in muslim countries then they will go to muslim countries. Isn,t that obvious. I think if you have iota of rational thinking then you will see through the arguments

put above and realise that islam is an evil ideology which fools people.


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Why Are Arabs So Far Behind Everyone Else?

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on July 4, 2016

In the Arab world, we’ve never experienced the horrors South Korea underwent during the Korean War. We’ve never known the harsh disruption of life that took place in China. The exploitation of India by colonial powers was on a much larger scale than anything we’ve seen. And we cannot claim to suffer, like the Mexicans, from the malaise of living next door to an international giant. Many in Mexico are entitled to envy us for our geographical location. A Mexican writer once declared, “How sad are you Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States.” Countries that live next door to China, Russia or Germany have a reason to complain, not us.

The question has changed over the years. The circumstances have shifted so that parallels are no longer exact and many comparisons are deceptive. You cannot blame the civil war in Somalia on foreign interference alone. You cannot use foreign interference, or even occupation, to justify the deep rift in Palestinian ranks. There can be only one reason for the failure of Hamas and Fatah to close their ranks, and that is political irresponsibility.

Perhaps political sociologists should start looking into this question of “political responsibility” for it seems to be undermining change, progress, reform and democracy. For years, Arab political elites have taken upon themselves the political mantle of gaining independence from imperialist powers. They fought political and military wars against foreign colonialists and paid a heavy price in the process. In the end, we gained our independence. Then the elites, as well as Arab nations, didn’t know what to do with it. We didn’t know what to do with our hard-won ndependence.

 Indeed, some get up in arms whenever they hear that backwardness is due to the lack of democracy, as if the whole purpose of such a diagnosis is to take away their power and priveleges.

Many other countries experienced a similar sense of bewilderment, but eventually their elites were able to call a spade a spade and admit that things had gone wrong.In Southeast Asia, the moment of truth came right after the end of the Vietnam War and the US withdrawal. From that point on, the Asian tigers came onto the scene and the rest is history. In China, the turning point was the Communist Party’s convention in 1978. In India, the defining moment came about in 1992. In Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and elsewhere, there was a point where things turned around — where nations and their leaders knew that deterioration could not be allowed to go on. Other nations came to the realisation that the perils of civil war and famine were all too real, but not us.In the Arab world, there is no lack of evidence that we have come to our moment of truth. The situation in Somalia is unbearable and Sudan is heading in the same direction — Yemen too, and Iraq. Tensions are palpable in Lebanon and Algeria, and we all know about Palestine. The thing to learn is that “stable” countries don’t remain this way forever. When you look below the surface, the signs of malaise are unmistakable. Everyone can see them except for Arab elites, and I am not just talking about rulers. I am talking about the civilian bureaucracy, the military establishment, and the culture and media agencies. None seems aware of how bad things are. Some even claim that we exaggerate negative signs for our own purposes. Indeed, some get up in arms whenever they hear that backwardness is due to the lack of democracy, as if the whole purpose of such a diagnosis is to take away their power and privileges. They think that everything is a power game, for this is how things usually are inArab countries. Take, for example, Mauritania, where one army general gave up his seat to let a civilian president take over. Then another general ousted the elected president with the full support of the “elected” legislative assembly. Then the second general was confirmed in office by “free” elections and international observers found nothing fishy in any of that.

The question is hard and there are no easy answers. We can discuss it forever and reach no satisfactory conclusion. At one point, however, we have to start learning from others. At some point, our elites, which are brave and smart, have put two and two together and get four. Until then, we’ll do the best we can.

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Stand With Israel

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on July 3, 2016

Check out @SussexFriends’s Tweet:

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Megyn Kelly Alone

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on May 11, 2015

It’s getting lonely out there for Megyn Kelly. At the moment she’s about the only American journalist defending Pamela Geller and, by the way, free speech.

The rest of American Journalism agrees that the First Amendment is okay, so long as it comes with a dash of restrictive Sharia Law. Speak your mind but do not take your opinions to Texas or any place that might offend people who go crazy at the sight of a cartoon.

In other words, as we’ve been listening to the clobber-fest against Pamela Geller, freedom of expression, we’re being advised, must be exercised with caution. So they tell us, these opinion makers, who without a sense of shame insist that they love the First Amendment – but conditionally, fitfully, reluctantly, sporadically.

Who says this? People who by the luck of the draw have the Bill of Rights to sustain their livelihoods.

But apparently Judeo/Christian values are not worth savoring and fighting for, particularly if you are a journalist.

From Moses’ declaration in Leviticus, to “proclaim liberty throughout the land,” how quickly we’ve gone to proclaiming the suppression of liberty.

Who saw this day coming? I did. Not because I’m smart, but because I’m a pessimist. Pessimists are correct 98.7 percent of the time. Novelists are pessimists and that’s what gets us in trouble so much of the time, when we use fiction or part fiction to get digging into the truth – like this book that spills the beans about news media dishonesty and what really goes on in our newsrooms.

From “Half The News That’s Fit To Print” we can hardly be expected to make up our minds intelligently.
We are a misinformed public and nothing is more dangerous than a people being misled by liars and fakes…in this case ideologues of the Left.

The shift may have begun when Edward R. Murrow brought down a Senator, Joseph McCarthy, but it certainly began when Woodward and Bernstein, back in the 1970s, brought down a President, Richard Nixon. A generation wanted to “do good” and found journalism as the perfect means to “repair the world,” quicker than dentistry and root canal.

Now we are still in the clutches of news being presented by social activists who, starting with The New York Times, hardly pretend to be neutral.

From “Half The News That’s Fit To Print” we can hardly be expected to make up our minds intelligently.

Take George Stephanopoulos, please. This is a journalist? Yes, this is a journalist. ABC-TV hired him straight from the Clinton White House (the old one, not the new one quite yet) where he served as a political advisor. They offered him big money, and presto; he is a journalist, indeed the leading voice at ABC.

You expect both sides of the story?

Or take Geraldo Rivera, who specialized in trash sensationalism, like the search for Al Capone’s Vault, and now reports for Fox News.

But Fox News must be forgiven because despite the presence of Juan Williams and Shepard Smith, it’s all we’ve got for news and opinion fair and square.

This is where we find Megyn Kelly. This is where steady customers to the network were astonished to find Miss Kelly all alone doing battle for Pamela Geller. One by one, the rest fell like dominoes for limits to free speech, while for Kelly it is all or nothing.

We sense her frustration as even the most tough-minded conservative speakers clobber away at Pamela Geller and the First Amendment.

Kelly must have thought she stumbled into the wrong studio when colleagues Greta Van Susteren and Bill O’Reilly sounded like Chris Matthews.

It’s good that we have her, but sad that we have her practically all alone.

Jack Engelhard

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The Trouble With Islam

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on January 10, 2015

Marc Kahlberg
The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim The Beltway Snipers were Muslims The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim The underwear Bomber was a Muslim
The U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
The Bafi Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
The Moscow Theatre Attackers were Muslims
The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims
The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims
The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims
The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims
The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Musiims
The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims
The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
The Kenyan U.S, Embassy Bombers were Muslims
The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims
The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims
The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims
The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims
The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims
The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims’

Think of it:

Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem
Hindus living with Christians = No Problem
Hindus living with Jews = No Problem
Christians living with Shintos = No Problem
Shintos living with Confucians = No Problem
Confusians living with Baha’is = No Problem
Baha’is living with Jews = No Problem
Jews living with Atheists = No Problem
Atheists living with Buddhists = No Problem
Buddhists living with Sikhs = No Problem
Sikhs living with Hindus = No Problem
Hindus living with Baha’is = No Problem
Baha’is living with Christians = No Problem
Christians living with Jews = No Problem
Jews living with Buddhists = No Problem
Buddhists living with Shintos = No Problem
Shintos living with Atheists = No Problem
Atheists living with Confucians = No Problem
Confusians living with Hindus = No Problem

Muslims living with Hindus = Problem
Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem
Muslims living with Christians = Problem
Muslims living with Jews = Problem
Muslims living with Sikhs = Problem
Muslims living with Baha’is = Problem
Muslims living with Shintos = Problem
Muslims living with Atheists = Problem

**********SO THIS LEAD TO *****************
They're not happy in Gaza
They’re not happy in Egypt
They’re not happy in Libya
They’re not happy in Morocco
They’re not happy in Iran
They’re not happy in Iraq
They’re not happy in Yemen
They’re not happy in Afghanistan
They’re not happy in Pakistan
They’re not happy in Syria
They’re not happy in Lebanon
They’re not happy in Nigeria
They’re not happy in Kenya
They’re not happy in Sudan

******** So, where are they happy? **********
They’re happy in Australia
They’re happy in England
They’re happy in Belgium
They’re happy in France
They’re happy in Italy
They’re happy in Germany
They’re happy in Sweden
They’re happy in the USA & Canada
They’re happy in Norway & India
They’re happy in almost every country that is not Islamic! And who do they blame? Not Islam… Not their leadership… Not themselves… THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN!! And they want to change the countries they’re happy in, to be like the countries they came from where they were unhappy and finally they will be get hammered


Think about it….

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Iran is playing with fire

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on December 7, 2014

Iran is playing with fire Analysis: Did the IAF strike in Syria in response to public declaration by Iranian Revolutionary Guard on transfer of advanced missiles to Hezbollah?

Published: 12.08.14, 00:06 /

Israel Opinion
The strikes in Syria on Sunday afternoon, which have been attributed to the Israeli Air Force, were likely intended to prevent the transfer of advanced weaponry from Iran to Hezbollah. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard continues to play with fire by equipping Hezbollah with arms that have the capability to cause widespread losses and destruction in Israel. Follow Ynetnews on Facebook and Twitter The appraisal is based on the fact that the targets were in two distant areas – one near the international airport in Damascus and the other in Dimas, west of the capital, mere miles from the border with Lebanon. It is widely believed that shipments of missiles and other arms destined for Hezbollah land in Iranian cargo jets at the airport in Damascus, then transferred to a Syrian military storage site, until they are sent to over the border to Lebanon. It is reasonable to assume that today’s strike, if it actually was undertaken by the IAF through Lebanese airspace, was launched based on precise intelligence and after all operational and strategic aspects were considered. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has previously announced the three red lines according to which Israel takes action on the northern front. The transfer of “game-changing” weaponry to Hezbollah Chemical weapons Any harm to Israeli sovereignty Since there had been no recent case of breaking Israeli sovereignty, the likely assumption is that the attack was undertaken because of high-end weaponry transferred to Hezbollah or the transfer of chemical weapons – or both. Regardless, it is reasonable to assume that Defense Minister Ya’alon approved and ordered the attack. Today’s strike was reminiscent of the May 2013 attack which was attributed to the IAF, when advanced, precise missiles, of the Fateh-110 variety, arrived on planes from Iran. The following night a large Syrian military missile storage site near the Lebanon border was attacked. It is increasingly likely that today’s attack – which has been attributed to the IAF but has not been confirmed by Israeli officials – was executed for similar reasons under similar circumstances. In recent weeks, many Hezbollah officials and senior members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard have publicly boasted about the advanced ground-to-ground missiles which Iran supplied Hezbollah and which allow the terror group to threaten almost any target within Israel. Analysts believe the officials were boasting of the Iranian-made Fateh-110 missiles. It is in the realm of possibility that several shipments of these missiles occurred, significantly upgrading Hezbollah’s capability to unleash destruction on Israel territory as far south as the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. It is also likely that today’s attack was intended to stop another shipment scheduled to arrive at Damascus international airport, from where it was to be transferred to the Lebanese border. Syrian President Bashar Assad, it must be noted, owes Hezbollah a great deal, as the Lebanese terror group defends his regime – which is likely why he carries the risk of Israeli attacks on his territory. It may be assumed that today’s attack will not heat up tensions between Israel and Syria. Assad does not make a habit of responding to attacks on Hezbollah weapons transfers in his territory in order to avoid a destructive clash with Israel at a time when he is fighting for his survival against local rebels. It is also assumed that Hezbollah will not respond, either. In the past the terror group launched reprisal attacks over Israeli strikes which destroyed its weapon shipments, but only when these strikes took place within Lebanese territory. The Lebanese terror group has not responded to attacks on its organization in Syrian territory – since Hezbollah chief Nasrallah believes in defending only Lebanese land, while retaliating to an attack in Syria will serve as confirmation which he is receiving illegal weapon shipments from Iran. That’s how it worked in the past. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that Hezbollah and Syria will maintain this policy and thus the IDF must maintain alert on the northern front – both on the ground and in the sky. It is reasonable to assume the IDF will change its missile defense deployment, reinforcing positions in the country’s north. Meanwhile, it’s likely that Iran will respond using armed Palestinian militias in the Golan Heights. Israeli officials did not address the reports in the past – and are not confirming them – in a bid not to corner the Syrian regime or Hezbollah. The Syrian military rushed to condemn the attacks, only because it serves its propaganda line – which claims cooperation between Syrian rebels and Israel.


Posted by Michael Blackburn at 7:15 PM

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Cornel West Arrested In Ferguson

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on October 13, 2014

Why are the protesters in Ferguson trying to make a hero out of the criminal Michael Brown Jr. ?
The whole world  saw Michael Brown Jr. using force to steal from a store owner.
He grabbed the much smaller man by his shirt and shoved him across the room.
He was a bully, that much we know.
Another young man fired at a police officer in Ferguson, the officer returned fired resulting in the perpetrator’s death.
In our view, using these two criminals as a basis for violence is a huge strategic error and is setting civil rights back.

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Abbas Slanders Israel at UN

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on September 27, 2014


Meretz chief accuses Netanyahu of “continuing to manage the conflict instead of solve the conflict.”
Meretz leader Zehava Gal-On threw her party’s support behind Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s speech on Friday to the UN General Assembly, blaming Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the lack of a peace treaty.

“Meretz supports Abbas’s international efforts to bring the end of the occupation and to get international recognition as a [Palestinian] state and member of the UN before and as a corridor to reaching peace in bilateral negotiations between equals,” the party leader said.

The speech reflected Abbas’s total distrust of Netanyahu as a partner for peace, Gal-On said.

According to Gal-On, “Netanyahu refused to negotiate for five years and the talks under American sponsorship led nowhere and wild construction continued in the settlements. Now Netanyahu wants to continue ‘managing the conflict’ instead of solving it,” she lamented.

Conversely, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon called Abbas a “lie monger” who has yet to accept Israel’s existence, and as such, any Israeli concessions would be “disconnected from reality.”

According to Ya’alon, Abbas is not interested in peace or an agreement with Israel, because that would mean recognizing the Jewish state, which he has yet to do publicly.

“Abbas’s speech in the UNGA proves for the umpteenth time: This is not a leader who wants peace and progress for his people; rather, he is a person who spreads lies and is busy inciting and making hateful speeches against Israel… This is not how someone who claims to want an end to the conflict speaks,” Ya’alon said.

The defense minister added: “Time after time Abbas continues to deceive the international community, to falsely accuse Israel and make racist statements and hope that pressure, threats, and lies will scare us and make us surrender.”

“We have no partner for an agreement that will bring the end of the conflict and [Palestinian] demands, and therefore, we will not compromise on the security of Israel’s citizens,” he said.

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said that Abbas belongs with “murderers, missile-launchers, and our enemies in general.”

Bennett posited that the idea of Palestinian statehood “flew away together with the missiles that were launched at Ben-Gurion Airport two months ago. Now, Israel must lead to new, creative directions that will allow us to just live here. A Palestinian state to the west of the Jordan River is not one of them,” he said.

Deputy Minister for Liaison with the Knesset Ophir Akunis said Abbas’s speech to the UNGA revealed his true face.

“It’s clear that this is not a partner for peace, rather someone who does not miss an opportunity to spread lies and hatred of Israel,” he said. “The Palestinians are not mature enough for peace with the Jewish people. Their real desire is a country instead of Israel, not next to it.”

Akunis looked forward to Netanyahu’s upcoming speech, saying that “after Abbas’s speech of lies, Netanyahu will give a speech of truth.”

On the Left, opposition leader Isaac Herzog (Labor) took a more critical tack, saying that Abbas’s speech was disappointing and full of lies, but not surprising, because the PA president is not a friend of Israel.

“I totally reject what he is saying, but I do not forget the Israeli interest, so it is important to remember that it is better for Israel to deal with the PA in Gaza and not Hamas and continue our security cooperation in Judea and Samaria,” he said.

MK Nachman Shai (Labor) said Abbas’s speech marked a sad day for anyone who wants two states for two nations.

“The accusations that the PA president made are baseless lies, starting from genocide to the claims of a new ‘Nakba.’ These things never happened,” Shai said.

The Labor MK said: “The war in Gaza was just and legitimate in light of Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel and its residents.”

Still, Shai said, most Israelis support a long-term peace treaty with the Palestinians, giving them independence and sovereignty while Israel will maintain defensible borders.

“There is not and will not be another agreement,” he added.

First published at Jerusalem Post

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