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Cornel West Arrested In Ferguson

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on October 13, 2014

Why are the protesters in Ferguson trying to make a hero out of the criminal Michael Brown Jr. ?
The whole world  saw Michael Brown Jr. using force to steal from a store owner.
He grabbed the much smaller man by his shirt and shoved him across the room.
He was a bully, that much we know.
Another young man fired at a police officer in Ferguson, the officer returned fired resulting in the perpetrator’s death.
In our view, using these two criminals as a basis for violence is a huge strategic error and is setting civil rights back.


2 Responses to “Cornel West Arrested In Ferguson”

  1. True…

  2. M said

    Absolutely correct America’s minority’s taking revenge or they think so evil in the black community but no one speaking against the evil that Michael brown perpetrated on the white community then the other part of evil black community followed suit

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