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Heroism In the Battle Protective Edge

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on August 9, 2014

The Blackburn Report

Thanks to Jerusalem Post

During Operation Protective Edge, soldiers of the 7th Armored Brigade exposed Hamas’ attack tunnels; ‘I could not help but think how a place that should be innocent was turned into a killing factory’
“On Friday night I told the soldiers that we were going to have a relatively quiet Shabbat, and we could use the time to get to know each other,” said Lt. Shaul, from the brigade’s reconnaissance unit.

“We sat around, drank coffee, and just talked. The atmosphere was great.

“Suddenly the pastoral image changed into one of horror: Minutes after Cpl. Adar began patrolling around the area where his friends were sitting, a boom was heard, followed by a cloud of dust that spiraled upward. A brushfire started spreading in the field surrounding the unit, and the quiet was replaced by cries for help by a wounded soldier.

“I remember…

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