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Ben Laden Photo Should be Released

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on May 4, 2011

We need to see the photo of Bin Laden.  It is said that the photo may disturb Islamists, and may lead to violence.  We should be disturbing Islamists, find out who they are.       If the majority of Muslims are peaceful, they will react peacefully, if not, if they react with violence, they should be arrested or killed.   The American people were forced to watch innocent human beings commit suicide by leaping from a burning building,  a building attacked by Bin Laden’s henchmen. 

I respect the President’s thinking, but I don’t believe the Islamists would be able to use the photo as a recruiting tool.

In fact, the reverse is probably true, young would-be killers would see what the actual results of their crimes could be, a sudden, bloody, death, not a seamless entry into a heaven filled with sex starved virgins. Some would have second thoughts about that type of ignoble end.

Release the photos, Mr. Obama.


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