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Tactics the Republic party is using in the Health Care Debate.

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on November 23, 2009

The human race has evolved in the last few hundred years.

Let me give you an example.

In the civilized world, women are no longer property. Women have been leaders or in positions of power, in their own right, in most of the advanced and some of the developing nations, as well.

We no longer beat women, at least not with impunity.

There are American men who long for the days when they could slap their women around.

I have spoken to them.

There really are quite a few of them.

I was talking casually with a co-worker I was particularly fond of, who seemed like a reasonably intelligent man, a little of above averagely intelligent, and we were discussing the situation regarding what I see as the barbaric treatment of women in Afghanistan, and most of the Muslim world.

He said that he thought that Muslim treatment of women might not be that bad an idea, here.

He thought women in America dressed like whores.

He thought they acted like whores and had too much freedom, and other comments which were probably pretty close to what the former slave owners in the south said about their former slaves.

In short, there is much sentiment amongst many American males that a woman should be submissive and subservient.

That is at the heart of the abortion debate.

Control of women.

The same people that volunteer to throw the switch on an adult man or women and terminate their lives

wants you to believe they have a multitude of compassion for someone who hasn’t been born.

They wouldn’t hesitate for a second to send every baby they “rescue” off to die horribly in a foreign war, once they turn eighteen, but before they are born they care about them.

Only before they are born.

Once they are eighteen, or as young as the thirteen year old tried as an adult in North Caroline, their concern miraculously vanishes.

Now the health care debate is at least partly, supposedly, based on a woman’s right to choose versus those who don’t believe a woman should be in charge of her body,

The push is constant.

Let’s not forget the Muslim views on women.

Most will say, “Oh, we treasure women, we put them on a pedestal and protect them.”

They protect them, alright, the way we in the U.S. Protect poor drug users, by punishing them.

The Muslim world, particularly the Arab Muslim world, codifies brutal mistreatment of women.

Based on this alone, they, and the Iranians, are far and away the worst violators of human rights.

American women, and Americans who support freedom and equality need to be prepared to react forcefully to attempts at reducing the status of woman through the type of tactics the Republic party is now using in the Health Care Debate.


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