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We Can’t Leave Iraq

Posted by Zamir Ben Etzioni on October 9, 2009

Michael Moore hecame wealthy by telling the unadorned truth. And this is shocking, because we have not heard the truth.

It’s new to us.

To realize that the government is basically controlled by less than 1% of the population.

To realize that they do cynical things for their own profit.

The companies that own the media and  have long promoted the idea that the government should not be involved in helping people, immediately had the government bail them out when they needed money.

And they make mistakes, such as the timing of the Iraq War.

I don’t know why Bush went into Iraq, really, it’s anyone’s guess.

But it was a mistake, a classic mistake, becoming overextended by having too many fronts.

This is elementary. No doubt Saddam deserved to die. The brutal humiliation and hanging was not excessive when compared to his crimes.

At the time, I agreed with those who said, about Iraq, “Go in, get Saddam, and get out.”

But we broke it, we’ve got to fix it.

Bush policies broke it, and Obama has to fix it.

Let’s cut thorugh the flowery language and face what we have to do, to safeguard the Iraqi cilvilians, mainly the women and children, who are most vulnerable to the brutality of the various militant criminals.

We need no other reason to be there than that we are protecting innocent people from brutal criminals.

We have to make Iraq a client state. We run it, for their benefit, but we don’t allow oppression of women or children or brainwashing or any of the other activities for which the militant criminals are justifiably famous. If we can have a generation or two of education and less exposure to the evil side of Islamic indocrination, they may actually be able to run their own country, with us as staunch allies for as long as needed.

But we can’t leave now.

Even though I want to, and you want to.

The way they will oppress innocent people who just yearn for a normal life, and most particularly women and children, if we leave without putting in place a structure that will protect universally recognized human rights, would be brutal and murderous.

In Iran, right now, clerics are having women raped and executed. In Afghanistan the Taliban orders women to be covered head to foot, with only a thick guaze peephole to see out of.

In Gaza women are being forced into the dark ages, more and more enforced “dress codes”.

I won’t go into all of it here. The Sharia way is well known, or should be.

Some will say, it’s not our fight.

Of course it is.

We should have dealt with Afghanistan first but now that we are in Iraq it would be immoral to just walk away.  That’s why we are still there.

I think it is an encouraging sign that President Obama isn’t just pulling out and leaving the people to fend for themselves.

It shows that he is going to do what he believes is right, even if it is not politically expedient.


4 Responses to “We Can’t Leave Iraq”

  1. michaelblackburnsr said

    I don’t think suicide bombers commit their crime for money, Bruce.
    I don’t know any experts who think they are motivated by money.
    In fact most experts think the motivation is not money at all, but ideology.

    Suicide bombers are blowing themselves up in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    They are not doing it for money, in fact, since they die, thinking they do it for cash is kind of odd, isn’t it?

    They are not committing suicide bombings in Israel for the reasons I’ve elaborated.

    Obama has already approved increased troop levels, that Cheney sat on.
    You won’t find that on Fox, but it is fact.
    The previous top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. David McKiernan, submitted a request for more troops that went unfulfilled by former President George W. Bush. Obama granted that request in March when he ordered an additional 21,000 U.S. troops to go to Afghanistan this year.

    So at least he is not dithering like Bush and Cheney.

    I believe he is doing what he feels is the right thing, which is to protect Afghanistan civilians, even though it is not politically popular.

  2. BIG said

    “Israelis would disagree with your odd notion that terror in Israel stopped because of the invasion of Iraq.”

    I didn’t say terror stopped, I just said that those that strap explosives to themselves and blow up Israeli teenagers stopped because the families no longer received Saddam’s compensation for their exploding offspring. If you compare the number of exploding PLO-Arabs in Israel before and after the removal of Saddam, you will see that the numbers went from frequent to non-existant.

    “(Barry Rubin, “Through relentless commando operations and numerous checkpoints, the Israeli Army ended suicide bombings and other terrorist acts from the West Bank”)”

    So you think the removal of money had NOTHING to do with it? Checkpoints and commando operations were going on before and yes they work, but the complete ceasation of this type of attack when Saddam’s purse strings was removed. That is like the idiots that think CO2 warms the planet and the sun has nothing to do with it.

    But the terror is not going to stop while the USA sends them a billion dollars to rearm.

    And of course we have to believe that President Obama is going to continue the fight in Afghanistan. Hasn’t he been saying that it is the right war ever since he got into the Senate. I am just perplexed that he came up with a strategy in March and hasn’t made a decision yet on whether he is going to do it. Bank bailouts, car company purchases, healthcare, etc. he feels need to be passed right away, yet here he feels he has time to wait before making a decision? Everyone knows what it will take to achieve victory in Afghanistan, the only question is if Obama has the balls to make an important decision. Maybe he just needs a call from Castro or Chavez like he did in Hondurus to make the right decision??? Maybe he just needs to have some more reports made and he will make a decision sometime in 2011.

  3. michaelblackburnsr said

    To repeat, At the time, I agreed with those who said, about Iraq, “Go in, get Saddam, and get out.” These were experts, including Shai Ben Tekoa, a settler and prominent analyst.

    Most military experts that I have read agree that it was a mistake to open a second front.

    Israelis would disagree with your odd notion that terror in Israel stopped because of the invasion of Iraq.

    (Barry Rubin, “Through relentless commando operations and numerous checkpoints, the Israeli Army ended suicide bombings and other terrorist acts from the West Bank”)

    The terror has been stopped because of barriers, checkpoints and IDF efforts.
    Palestinians are still bombing Israel, BTW, via Gaza.

    I believe that the administration’s plan is to continue the fight in Afghanistan, with increased troop levels.

  4. BIG said

    Mike, you seem to have forgotten that Saddam was paying the families of martyrs $25K to murder Israelis. Once the American invasion of Iraq began, the suicide bombings stopped COMPLETLY! You may attribute this sudden stop to the anti-war effort in America or some UN sponsored program, but it was the removal of Saddam that has saved many Israeli lives. You have never understood that taking the “Heart of the Caliphate” from Islamic terrorist control is a major factor in our taking the fight to our enemies. I have always said that it is better to fight them in their sandbox than your preferred method of on the shores of America.

    You claim the mistake was in the timing. How many more dead Israelis would you have liked to see before and end was put to Saddam’s rule? But I am glad that you no longer propose complete surrender in Iraq. Maybe if you could find a way to blame this failure on Bush instead of Obama is what has changed your mind. The fault I find with Bush’s strategy is that he didn’t expand the war to also take out Iran and Syria. But since you are convinced that America is not capable of taking on both Iraq and Afghanistan, I am sure that you would feel the destruction of the regimes in Iran and Syria would also have been a great mistake.

    And now we are back to the good war. The war that Bush took his eyes off of. The one President Obama has said is vital to the United States of America. But here we are, he promised to listen to his commanders, instead he is listening to his political hacks. He said he made an exhaustive review back in the first 60 days of office and announced in March his plan for Afghanistan. The general he appointed to head this endeavor submitted a report in August which sat unread on his desk for over six weeks. Now President Obama is saying he has to wait for a run off in Afghanistan before he comes up with a plan. Now Obama claims that Bush supplied nothing to him on Afghanistan and that he had to start from scratch when we now now that a report was prepared for him and he received it between the election and inaugeration. It was this plan that was announced by Obama in March. Right now, the Pakistani army is taking the fight to Wazeristan. Yet I hear nothing about help from America in this endeavor. I thought the President wanted to go into Pakistan and take out Al Qaeda? Or was that just another campaign promise that he has no intention of honoring?

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